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California Firm Helps Domestic Violence Victims Get Protection Orders

Compassionate lawyer works to safeguard Walnut Creek clients against abuse 

At Law Office of Gary A. Cornwall, I work hard to protect those who have been abused or fear that they may be abused by a person they know. I help clients in the Walnut Creek area and throughout California file for orders that prevent named individuals from seeing or contacting people they’ve harmed or threatened. Whether the particular legal remedy is called a “restraining order,” “order of protection,” “injunction,” “protective order” or something else, my firm advocates for clear, enforceable instructions that allow victims to live in peace. We take a personal approach to each situation and make whatever legal efforts are necessary to minimize the likelihood of continued domestic abuse or threats.

Knowledgeable California advocate works to establish appropriate restraining order terms

Whatever name they go by, domestic violence protective orders are issued to keep the accused abuser away from the abused. Each state recognizes orders issued by every other state. The purpose of these orders is to limit the behavior of the harmful or threatening person so that you do not have to live in fear of further abuse. I can help you understand exactly how orders of protection work in California. These orders provide relief that may include:

  • Stay-away provisions — These require someone to stay a certain distance away from the person who filed the order. This order can be extended to protect your children as well.
  • Cease-abuse provisions — These provisions specifically require an abuser to stop abusing or threatening to abuse the protected person or persons.
  • No-contact provisions — Most states allow orders preventing someone from attempting any contact with the protected person. This includes personal contact as well as contact by phone, computer, mail or even contact through a third party.

Other common provisions may require the person the order is aimed at to give up their weapons or to pay spousal or child support. I will seek every possible legal remedy to protect you from someone who threatens you with harm.

Experienced firm pursues order modifications when circumstances warrant

Relationships and circumstances can change quickly, and a domestic violence order that was previously appropriate might now be unsatisfactory. Should you need a modification due to a different type of threat, a change in your living situation, an adjustment in your family’s makeup or some other reason, I petition for prompt, effective revisions. Even if you are unsure if a revision is necessary to keep you safe, I can analyze your current protection and assess if a modification request is needed.

Compassionate Walnut Creek attorney initiates enforcement proceedings when orders are violated

Sometimes, putting a domestic violence order in place is not enough. If someone has been stalking you in violation of an existing order or disobeying other terms relating to contact or threatening behavior, my firm presses for immediate enforcement by the court and additional measures if necessary. Repeat instances of relationship or dating violence are not uncommon. The fact that an order is established means that the court has recognized the potential for harmful activity. When necessary, I bring relevant evidence to the court’s attention in order to carry out the penalties contemplated by the original order.

Contact a California lawyer for immediate help getting a domestic violence protective order

At Law Office of Gary A. Cornwall in Walnut Creek, I provide skilled and prompt help to clients who seek safety from abuse. If you or your children are threatened with harm, I will seek the immediate help you need for your safety through an order of protection. Call me at 925-933-6899 or contact me online to schedule a consultation at my office.


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